Firm Organization


Basic Information

Location 11th Floor, South Forest Bldg, 1-4-19 Minamimori-machi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0054, Japan
Phone 06-6316-5533
Fax 06-6316-5544
Representative Koji Murai   Hidetada Kato   Takuji Yamashita
Establishment 1988
Japanese Patent Attorney

Korean Patent Attorney (Of Counsel)
Chinese Patent Attorney

Technical staff
General Manager
CAD Operator
Internal Service Desk
Docketing & IT Staff
English Proof Reader

Number of Transactions in 2018
Japanese Domestic Applications: 1743
International Applications(total number of applications filed): 1180
Countries in which applications were filed: Japan, U.S., EPC, China, Korea, etc, more than 20 countries

Technical Fields
Mechanical/Mechatronics: mechanics, precision mechanics, mechatronics, control systems, and other mechanical fields

Electrical/Electronics: electrical, electronics, computer, telecommunications, semiconductor-related, and other electrical fields

Chemistry/Biology: organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, pharmacy, biology, macromolecular chemistry, rare earth elements, food products, fiber, medical devices, cosmetics, and other chemical/biochemical fields