Firm Organization



  Shinjyu GLOBAL IP United GIPs
1988 Ono Miyagawa Intesnational Patent Firm established in Tenma, Osaka  
1989 Office moved to Kyobashi, Osaka  
1991 Name changed to Shinjyu Joint Patent Firms  
1993 Office moved to Kitahama, Osaka  
1994 Office moved to Abeno, Osaka  
1996 Office moved to Katamachi, Osaka  
1998   First American affiliate established in Washington, D.C.
2000 Office moved to Minamimori-machi, Osaka  
2001   GLOBAL IP Tokyo and GIP Korea established in Tokyo and Seoul respectively
2003 Name changed to Shinjyu GLOBAL IP  
2009   GIP CHINA Corporation and GLOBAL IP Europe Corporation established in Beijing and Munich respectively
2012   GIP India established in New Delhi
2013   GIP ASEAN established in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Phillipines
2015   United IP Counselors, LLC established in Washington, D.C.
and designated as only American affiliate