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Living and working in a foreign country isn’t the easiest thing to do
for someone who does not speak the local language. Obviously, cultural
differences are inevitable too. However, Shinjyu GLOBAL IP provides its
employees with a working environment in which differences are
embraced and welcomed. Opinions of each and every individual -
regardless of his or her background - are well respected. In the office,
I always appreciate the fact that I may freely express my opinions and

In Shinjyu GLOBAL IP, I treat people with respect and they treat me with
the same. It is especially comforting for me, i.e. a foreigner who speaks
no Japanese, knowing that the co-workers are very supportive with an
open mind. Through such a friendly environment, Shinjyu GLOBAL IP
makes it easier for me not only to work in Japan, but also to live in
Japan. As a result, I am able to dedicate most of my attention to my job
everyday - without having to worry much about other distractions which
could have occurred in a workplace.

-- Philip Sheng-Hao Toung