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Speaking from Japanese companies’ perspective, as an example, when prosecuting patent applications abroad, the quality of communication between the Japanese attorneys and local representatives has a great bearing on the quality of the patent right sought after.
The quality of communication indicates the level of understanding among the attorneys from different cultures and linguistic origins. Therefore, it is crucial for us to have a working environment where many attorneys - including those from different cultural backgrounds - can work together as if they were one single person. A working environment such as this is particularly effective for dealing with business in an international scale.
Shinjyu GLOBAL IP, being a significant member of United GIPs, has established such a desirable working environment. In particular, along with the other member offices of United GIPs, we have established ourselves as an international organization that can transcend national borders.

United GIPs is a group consisting of international patent firms. As of 2011, we have member offices in five major patent countries and regions - China, Europe, Japan, Korea and US. The aim of this network of offices is to provide an ultimate support for companies wishing to obtain and enforce their IP-related rights in foreign countries. Our network prevents and solves problems associated with communications, thereby making our working environment best suited to provide quality services in an international scale. We do so through sharing and exchanging resources among our member offices globally, including human resources, and posting at least one Japanese attorney in each office. Similarly, we also have attorneys from Korea and China stationed here in Shinjyu, so that our clients can file and prosecute their applications in Japan or other foreign countries comfortably without having to deal with troubles traditionally associated with linguistic and cultural differences.


The advantages associated with this arrangement may be illustrated more clearly with the following figure, which is related to our "one-stop service directed" to new application filing, using Japanese companies as an example.

Teams and Individuals

To practice such "one-stop service" effectively, the basic unit of management at Shinjyu GLOBAL IP has been an individual team led by a partner since 1998. To provide the most appropriate services for his/her clients, the leader of each team analyzes the demands of each client, and selects his/her own team members, e.g. patent engineers and paralegals, best suited for the clients’ needs. Similarly, the leader constructs a customizable framework that is best suited for his/her own clients, for managing the team. As for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the entire firm, such as IT system, docketing, administrative matters, and so forth, we have a group of specialists called Integrated Management Team, the members of which are devoted to providing necessary support across the office, such that the rest of Shinjyu members can fully dedicate themselves to IP-related affairs and practices.
A leaders’ meeting is held every week, in which leaders of all teams get together and discuss various relevant issues, thereby establishing the principle and basis with respect to how the business of Shinjyu would be managed and run.
Such a system not only contributes to our strength in cooperating with the local attorneys, but also drafting new applications, prosecuting applications, and most of all, assisting our clients with the enforcement of their rights.